Do you want to learn from the international icons of online marketing?

Is the answer YES! but my English is no good :-( ?

What is a FUNNEL? 

Is there a difference between ALLOW and ALIGN? 

Find the answer in the English Words in Online Marketing course, right now!

Is this you?

  • I want to learn from the icons of online marketing but I do not understand them well.

  • I want to know more words and be able to follow English speakers and their courses.

  • I want to open the doors to the world of the international inspiration and improve my English.

40+ New English Words in 4 Weeks

Learn the most frequent words of online marketing.

  • What will you learn?

    Improve your vocabulary with 40 words and many more. If you are an active and motivated learner, you will learn more than 40 words. Every definition of a new word contains more vocabulary to learn.

  • How will you learn?

    Every day a minimum of two new words in a short video and PDFs to write down what you learn. Interactive weekly testing, daily written assignments and a new technique of subconscious learning through learning meditations are a must-have.

  • Where and when?

    Once you sign in, you will work within the course platform but you can also join a special support Facebook group to be in touch with your co-students and teacher directly. The course is evergreen, choose your own pace.

Course Instructor

English Language Coach

Denisa Dvorackova

"The magic of learning the English language does not lie in memorizing textbooks. It lies within you and your approach to learning." Denisa is a language coach rather than a teacher per se. With over 18 years of teaching languages in both her native Czech Republic and abroad, .her path has taken her through teaching at elementary schools, private language schools, at companies and corporate offices, and have worked with individual clientele. Denisa studied many different methods of learning English such as the Callan Method, the Helen Doron Early English, and others. She also got her master´s degree in teaching English at the Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic. She is also certified in Neurolanguage Coaching®, and trained Limiting Belief Practitioner. Her method lies within using conscious and subconscious techniques to use all the potential of the human brain.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • How to use this course?

  • 2

    Welcome to Words in Online Marketing

    • Before we begin...

  • 3

    Week 1

    • DAY 1- Settle & Allow

    • DAY 2- Support & Receive

    • Day 3- Serve & Become

    • DAY 4- Shift & Align

    • DAY 5- Grow & Tune into

    • Quiz: Test yourself

    • Appendix- List of Vocabulary Week 1

    • Appendix- Guided Learning Meditation Week 1

    • Appendix- Assignment Sheet

  • 4

    Week 2

    • DAY 6- Seed & Tease

    • DAY 7- Template & Accelerate

    • DAY 8- Add & Evergreen

    • DAY 9- Blueprint & Deliver

    • DAY 10- Surround & Abundance

    • Quiz: Test yourself

    • Appendix- List of Vocabulary Week 2

    • Appendix- Guided Learning Meditation Week 2

    • Appendix- Assignment Sheet

  • 5

    Week 3

    • DAY 11- Perceive & Create

    • DAY 12- Profitable & Impact

    • DAY 13- Encourage & Audience

    • DAY 14- Promote & Trade

    • Day 15- Access & Implement

    • Quiz: Test yourself

    • Appendix- List of Vocabulary Week 3

    • Appendix- Guided Learning Meditation Week 3

    • Appendix- Assignment Sheet

  • 6

    Week 4

    • DAY 16- Achieve & Success

    • DAY 17- Empower & Decide

    • DAY 18- Embody & Happen

    • Day 19- Experience & Hesitate

    • DAY 20- Funnel & Require

    • Quiz: Test yourself

    • Appendix: List of Vocabulary Week 4

    • Appendix- Guided Learning Meditation Week 4

    • Appendix- Assignment Sheet

Learn New Words & Open New Worlds

Join the course and start changing your life. The price is now 2400 Kč


  • Is the whole course in English?

    Yes, the course is in English. It is in your best interest.

  • What level of English is this for?

    This course is good for all levels but it would be good if you speak a little English already.

  • What if I do not understand?

    If you do not understand or feel lost, contact your course instructor directly through email or FB group. Join the support FB group for the course. It will help you stay motivated and working.